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Body composition


Our Dietitians use Inbody, a bioelectric impedance measurement for an accurate assessment of your body's composition.

Bioelectric impedance is a commonly used method for measuring body composition. It works by sending a small electrical current through the body and measuring the resistance encountered. Since different tissues have different amounts of water content, which conducts electricity differently, this method can estimate the amount of fat, muscle, and water in the body. By analyzing these measurements, dietitians can assess body fat percentage, muscle mass, and hydration levels, which helps in tailoring personalized nutrition and fitness plans for individuals. Bioelectric impedance is non-invasive, quick, and widely accessible, making it a valuable tool in the field of dietetics for assessing and monitoring body composition.

 An Inbody measurement goes beyond weight, and measures how much lean mass (muscle) and body fat you have in each body segment. With these values, you can monitor how your body is adjusting over time to dietary changes, fitness routines, and lifestyle modifications. 

Our Dietitians can conduct your own Inbody bioelectric impedance analysis when you visit us at our main Tweed office. 

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