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Frequently Asked questions


Telehealth refers to delivery of services by your Dietitian via phone or video. DNA Nutrition will send you a link prior to your appointment, that will take you straight to the Dietitian's online rooms. The structure of the consult is exactly the same as face-to-face and provides the same level of service. Your Dietitian will discuss various educational resources with you and can email you these as well. There are many apps and programs we use eg food diary, to help streamline our consults, as well as technology-free methods which will be discussed as required during your appointment.

Our Dietitian services are eligible for private health fund rebates for in-person consults. Currently there are a number of health funds rebating Telehealth consults which is steadily increasing. Check with your fund whether you are covered.

Our method of payment is via debit card through a secure processing platform. we take:

  • VISA

  • Master card

  • Diners Club

​You can add and maintain your own payment details via our patient portal – similar to how you pay for utilities, transport (e.g. through Uber) and other services.

No, a referral is not required. However, any relevant information you can have handy about your medical condition or blood tests will help the Dietitian be as well-informed as possible in planning your nutrition goals.